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Whole Life Health and Wellbeing

We work with you to design your personal living sanctuary...

Our unique approach creates a nature-based, whole life immersion experience: inner balance, home-office design, and serene retreats. A nurturing, balanced internal environment heightens the quality of life and cultivates emotional-mental, physical and spiritual vibrance in the midst of stressors and challenges. Aesthetic, nature-infused home and work environments inspire creativity, innovation, and personal development while “making space” in the daily hustle and bustle to enjoy relaxation and quiet reflection. In addition to numerous health benefits, a few days of being immersed in Nature provides a slower pace, a rest from demanding mental-physical activities, and often enhances awareness with moments of insightful clarity.

Our green-inspired, coaching and design services are available online, by telephone, or in-person with rejuvenating, eco-immersion retreats in breathtaking locations around the world. The retreats also include stewardship opportunities. A portion of all proceeds supports the Nature Studies Conservatory/COS Outreach to assist in the restoration of the environment and our communities.

Immersion Options (U.S. and International):

     §    Inner Balance Consults & Coaching
     §    Home & Office Redesign

     §    Rejuvenating Personal Retreats
     §    Study Programs

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Proceeds support the Nature Studies Conservatory and the Culture of Sustainability Outreach Project.

Our unique approach creates a nature-based, whole life immersion experience: inner balance, home-office design, and serene retreats.

There is an inherent relationship the body, the mind, and being immersed in nature. The Earth's Schumann waves (7.83 Hz), similar to the human alpha brainwave state (i.e., meditation), are essential for health and wellbeing.

Studies have shown that regular engagement in nature lowers rates of diabetes, heart disease, and psychological disorders. Natural areas (green space) also help to reduce mortality and to regulate the spread of vector borne disease. Being in nature contributes to mind-body restoration, rejuvenation, and vitality. 

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