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Receive the benefits of a daily, revitalizing immersion experience via sustainable, nature-based design. Convert your living or work environment into living sanctuary!

We help you to transform your living or work environment regardless of where you reside -- locally or in another state/country. Virtual consultations and design are available with the floor plan and pictures of your space. Convenient consults facilitate a redesign process that is tailored to your schedule and are available in person, by telephone, or Skype with email support.

 §    Personal Space
 §    Home Design
 §    Office/Work Space Design

Personalized environmental design is an opportunity to create a fresh, new, updated, and comfortable environment that is eco-friendly and healthy.  The redesign of your personal, home, or work space facilitates a harmonized, internal and external environment supporting mind-body wellbeing.  An aesthetic, nature-infused room, home, or office inspires creativity, innovation, and personal development while “making space” in the daily hustle and bustle to enjoy relaxation and quiet reflection. 

Redesign Assessment
Phone assessment and design are available with floor plan and pictures of the space

The assessment includes a comprehensive analysis of your home, work, or personal environment. You will receive a customized , detailed Living Sanctuary  Design Report with recommendations to improve functionality and to revitalize the area transforming your experience of the space. We use what you already have and may suggest wabi sabi- or feng shui-inspired ideas to recycle, upcycle, and repurpose as well as ways to reduce harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other toxins. This service is designed to give you the expert advice you need to complete the redesign work yourself. If you need additional help, we provide support and resources throughout the project to further simplify the design process and to achieve a beautifully re-imagined, retreat space.

The consultation can take up to 2 hours and we will cover the following:

§   Detailed phone interview in order to completely understand your project, style, and preference

§   Recommended furniture arrangement and flow

§   De-cluttering, rearranging and optimizing space in each room

§   Highlighting architectural features and freshening up each room

§   Lighting, window treatments and accessory arrangement

§   Color advise and emotional connection pints in each space, so you love the look of each space

Consultations & Design:  online $125/hr, onsite $175/hr

Personal Space Design

Does your personal space inspire you, contribute to your growth and development, and support your mind-body and spiritual wellbeing?

Your personal space offers opportunities for stillness, reflection, and inner communion. Design intentional space for deep relaxation, inner healing, creative expression, or a focused project. Aesthetic nature-focused, sustainable design and furniture placement to promote healing, restoration, and inspiration. Anchor intentions in your personal space to support and enhance personal rejuvenation infusing vital energy into your entire home.

Home Design

Does your living space support your ambitions, goals, and desires?

Your home space influences mood, vitality, wellbeing, self-expression, relationships, interactions, and communication with others. Aesthetic nature-based, sustainable design and beneficial furniture placement to increase vibrancy, intimacy, and abundance. Anchor intentions in the home to support and enhance balance, wholeness, and fulfillment.

Work Design

Does your workspace support your professional or career goals (promotion, additional training/education, management position)?

Your work space affects job satisfaction, stress, health and wellbeing, productivity, creativity, and work-life balance. Aesthetic nature-focused, sustainable design and beneficial furniture placement to promote organization, inspiration,  and innovation. Anchor intentions in your work space to support and enhance efficiency, collaborative relationships, cohesive teams, and effective communication.

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