The  state of one's health is an indicator of the body’s ability to conserve, access, and efficiently utilize necessary resources to heal, develop, and thrive.

Excessive work-life and environmental stress create vulnerability to numerous ailments. “The Big 6” includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. One in six individuals, age 50 to 64, has at least one of these conditions. Additional stress-related conditions include insomnia, obesity, immune disorders as well as emotional and mental health conditions (depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc). Nutrition and movement/exercise also play key roles. The  increasing prevalence of chronic conditions has made it critical to include our internal environment (mind, body, spirit) in our efforts to obtain a sustainable external environment.

Personal Immersions

Our ability to live optimally and experience whole life health and wellbeing is supported by balancing our internal environment.

Invigorate and align all areas of your life with an integrative, internal and external environment-based approach to sustainable living and personal/professional development. The Personal Immersion helps you to cultivate inner balance, declutter, and creatively redesign your living experience. The benefits of individual work are increased with group interaction and insights to share as resources and tools for problem resolution and inspiring successful long-term changes.

The Personal Immersion includes:


 §    Initial Consultation

 §    Personal Coaching Sessions (4)

 §    Group Coaching Sessions (4)

 §    Home or Office/Work Space Redesign (optional)

 §    Weekend Retreat (optional)

 §    Online Resources

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unique Immersion Experiences

Personal Immersions

The personal immersion experience helps you to optimize whole life health and wellbeing and creates an anchor for balancing  stressful interactions and situations.

This 28-day program provides a base for restoring your personal internal and external environment. The personal immersion also lays the groundwork for the redesign and retreat immersions. Convenient appointments are available in person, by telephone, or Skype with email support.

 §    Whole Life Consultations

 §    Personal & Group Coaching

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