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​The Conservatory and the Culture of Sustainability (COS) Outreach Project

The Nature Studies Conservatory  is a diverse, collaborative, dynamically evolving learning community.  In addition to the Living Sanctuary: Whole Life Immersions, the Conservatory provides nature-based, immersion study options for personal and professional development. Theory, research, and practice are applied to develop innovative, green strategies for facilitating social, economic, and environmental stewardship via the arts, design, multimedia, ecopreneurship, science, and technology.

Students, instructors, organizations, businesses, and communities collaboratively learning and working together to build effective partnerships. These unique, educational programs integrate online instruction, coursework, and study groups with depth work, dynamic exchange,  hands-on experientials in "natural classrooms," green-sustainable settings around the world. The blended, immersion studies and involvement in the COS Outreach Project provide extensive training to become effective green stewards and change agents.  

The COS Project provides research-based, immersion experiences with post-retreat resources tailored to effectively support individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in co-creating sustainable local/global communities, reducing personal/collective carbon footprints, and contributing to the restoration of the planet. These visioning immersions are an opportunity for personal and group inquiry in beautiful, local and international green-sustainable locations. Additional resources include: a nature and cultural arts summer mentoring program (ages 14-21) and an eco-focused, entrepreneur and urban farming cooperative/incubator program with micro funding.

The immerion study programs are available to U.S. and international residents and are designed for anyone who has a strong interest in that learning that contributes to personal, professional, and community growth and development. No previous experience in applied research or the areas of instruction are required in order to apply

Sustainable evolution: community development & environmental restoration

The Nature Studies Conservatory

"We seek to not only minimize our ecological footprint, but to change our relationship with the Earth, our environment."

Life is an ecological balance, which encompasses everything. The Conservatory is vested in restoring life giving resources and systems. We explore the Earth’s natural rhythms and processes (i.e., biomimicry) with science, the arts, and applied research to inspire innovative ideas and collaboratively create solutions that promote an altruistic relationship with the environment.

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