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nature-based retreats for personal restoration & rejuvenation

harmonizing with the natural world...

Personal Retreat Immersions

We provide customized,  personal retreats in beautiful, natural sustainable locations in the  US and around the world! Select your location and retreat setting  for restorative immersion with follow-up support, coaching, and online resources for sustainable change.

§    Glamping
§    Rustic

§    Luxury

In addition to numerous health benefits, a few days of being immersed in Nature provides a slower pace, a rest from demanding mental-physical activities, and often enhances awareness with moments of insightful clarity.  Being in nature provides space for inner exploration and self-discovery which the contribute to vision and the motivation for achieving our goals. Experience mind-body renewal and personal restoration in vibrant, healthy, sustainable communities and vacationing locations around the world. We also offer opportunities for stewardship and hand-on experience with user-friendly conservation practices to contribute to onsite and local green, sustainable endeavors.   

Choose from glamping, rustic, or luxury accommodations for personal restoration in vibrant, healthy, sustainable communities and vacationing locations in the United States and around the world.           

        §   Reconnect to the simplicity of life

        §   Rejuvenate with mind-body treatments or sessions (i.e., massage, energy balancing, cleanses, meditation, yoga, qi gong)

        §   Experience transformative, whole life coaching sessions      

        §   Enjoy 'farm to table' healthy meals (raw food, juicing, vegan, and vegetarian options available)
        §   Relax and soak up the scenery (hiking, walks, local tours)

        §   Learn simple, user-friendly conservation practices
        §   Practice green stewardship onsite or in the local community

        §   Receive follow-up support coaching with online resources

These unique immersion experiences are provided/offered in beautiful, luxurious, green-sustainable settings around the world (US/international locations available). We offer glamping, rustic, and luxury retreat options.  

Call 844-300-0307 for details and pricing; extended stay options also are available.